See Registered NHS GPs by Video

Open Monday - Friday 7am - 10pm and Saturday - Sunday 8am - 4pm

LIVI is an app that lets patients book and see registered NHS GPs by video. It works on mobile and tablet and can be downloaded at the app store. They can offer medical advice, diagnosis, prescription sick-notes and referrals if required.

Any existing patients who are over 16 and currently listed with the practice. Parents can book appointments for their children who are older than 2 and less than 16 years old.

wide range of medical issues, including; Acne, Allergy,  Cold and Flu, Cold Sores, Constipation, Cough, Diarhoea or Vomiting, Eye inflammation, Fever, Hair Loss, Headaches, Indigestion and Heartburn, Insect Bites, Insomnia or difficulty Sleeping, Stress, Nail Problems, Sinus Problems, Skin Rashes and Eczema, Sore throats, Stomach Pain and Urinary tract infections

Download the app to get started TODAY, or visit for more information.